7 thoughts on “Unity AdMob and MobClix Plugins for Android

  1. Hello,
    I bought Unity AdMob Plugin, thanks, everything works fine!

    I want to buy another Unity MobClix Plugin and do in the game 50% AdMob/50% MobClix ..
    It’s possible? It’s very difficult? Can you bring as an example how two plugins will work together?

    • Glad you are getting on well with the AdMob Plugin, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately at the moment it is not possible to combine the Admob and Mobclix plugins. This however, may change in the near future as I improve cross-compatibility. Subscribe to be the first to know!

    • In the Demo.cs file, the very last method is an example of what you need to do. Simplest way is to add an empty gameobject to your scene, attach a script and add the example code to the Start() method. Done!

  2. Hi, i just bought the admob plugin… it works perfectly on iOS.. banners are showing fine… but on android i havent seen even 1 banner :( :( am i missing something? i managed to follow all the steps… thank you!

    • Thanks for your purchase. Double check that there is not a space on the end of your Android Ad Unit ID, it’s easy to get a space on the end when you paste it into the field on the Ads prefab ( I did it the other day :-( ). The next version will trim spaces off… Let me know how you get on.

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