Unity 4.2 Changes!

Due to a change in the way Unity handles AndroidJava classes in version 4.2, some plugin code will now raise exceptions in the editor (used to produce a warning) but work fine once deployed to an Android device.

The fix is simple, wrap each AndroidJava class call in a try…catch block, but until I get round to updating all my plugins I will post a link to the amended files below. The linked files have the try…catch blocks added.

Google Play Game Services


Admob Plugin


In-App Purchase (Android)


4 thoughts on “Unity 4.2 Changes!

  1. I have the InAppBilling for Android. I purchased it from you in late 2012. Would you have any idea why it can take over a minute to return any AndroidPurchases.LogInfo() or UpdatePurchase(PurchaseInfo purchaseInfo)? I have full 4g service, and the phone is a Incredible 4G, so it is not serioulsly outdated.. I reimported the package, and am using your stock manifest (no alterations). I am calling the purchase function from unityscript.

    Do you have a newer package I should use?

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated…

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