One Game A Month!?#

So I’ve decided to take the One Game A Month challenge. I’ve dedicated a whole menu item to it (yes, that serious 😉 ) and hopefully that will slowly fill out with 12 games…

Still going to work on larger games as well, in fact I may use the 12 smaller games to test out ideas that will go into the larger games.

The sort of things I need to test out and learn are:

  • A* Path finding
  • Turn-based style game structure
  • More complex AI
  • Emergent behaviours from simple rulesets
  • Procedural Content Generation

There’s probably more but that will do for the moment. So hopefully my smaller games will incorporate some of the above so I can learn and create at the same time.

As you can probably tell from the above list, my interests like firmly in roguelikes at the moment. Some examples of roguelikes are:

To find out more, a good podcast is Roguelike Radio. Worth checking out if you are a budding game developer.

Of course after saying all that, my first game is a simple tower building game, I wanted to start simple and just get used to a newer, more open way of working…


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