Motorbike Trip and the future…

Just a heads-up to let everyone know I’m on a motorbike trip around Spain for the next couple of weeks. This means support will unfortunately be rather sketchy (sketchier than usual!?) for the next 2 weeks. So if you are on a dead-line and thinking of purchasing a plugin, please take this into account.

Going forward I’m thinking of bundling all the iOS/Android plugins I have (plus some I haven’t, hence the delay) into one big ‘Mobile Bundle’ and selling it at a very low price. To do this I will need to sort something out support-wise since I think it will be too much for me to handle. I’m thinking along the lines of a dedicated area for all who purchase the plugin bundle. This area will have full access to the source code, latest builds, support area for discussion so people can help each other out etc etc.

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Of course I will organise some sort of rebate/voucher so existing customers can easily upgrade and get these advantages.

One thought on “Motorbike Trip and the future…

  1. Hi Plato,
    I like the idea of bundling everything up, and user support has merit too.
    Making code available turns it more into an open source project, which can be good for users. Not sure how you intend to sell it though.

    I note you are away for a few weeks, biking, also V3 was to be released in “a few weeks” some months ago, how are you actually going with it?

    Have a good trip, enjoy it.


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