An NPC Dialogue Plugin for Unity 4.3 – Yarn

Adding dialogue trees to your game has always been a non-trivial task until now.

Welcome to Yarn. Yarn simplifies adding NPC conversation to your game by integrating with Twine, an open-source solution for creating dialogue trees (or interactive non-linear stories as they put it).

Yarn doesn’t stop there. Yarn includes a very usable/customisable GUI that uses standard Unity 4.3 sprites and text meshes to display the conversation.

Yarn also handles Loading and Saving of the conversation history.

So give yourself a head start and get your game characters talking with Yarn!

Dex’s Midnight Runners or Come On Google…

Just noticed the other day that if you try and merge the two latest version of the Admob and Google Play Services plugins you will get an error ‘Build failure, Unable to convert classes into dex format.’ This error is due to Google putting the Admob libraries into the Google Play Services library effectively doubling up the classes and causing mayhem (do do dop a lotta Mayhem, thanks Emelda May).

Luckily the fix is nice and easy, just remove the Ads folder from the google play jar (thanks to Prime31 for this idea).

Here is the amended jar, just overwrite the existing one in the Plugins/Android folder. Use this one and not the Prime31 version since it looks like we are using different api versions.

I will of course merge this change into the next version of the Google Play Plugin so this should be a non-issue moving forward. The new Admob Plugin version using the libraries inside the Google Play library is on hold until Google fix them (they seem buggy).

Pyxel Edit Tile Map Importer for Unity- PETileMapper

Unity 4.3’s 2D additions are welcome. However one major missing component is tile maps. Producing 2D Zelda-like games without this feature is not an option so I’ve created an importer for what I feel is the best solution currently for editing and creating both tile sets and tile maps intuitively and quickly, Pyxel Edit.

Here is a video of what is possible with this tool:

And here is my video on how to use the importer, PETileMapper:

PETileMapper is available here.



Unity 4.3 Changes! Important Admob issues!

Unity 4.3 changes have caused Admob Ads to become unclickable.

Luckily the fix is very simple and involves adding a line to you AndroidManifest.xml file (the ForwardNativeEventsToDalvik line). Here is a link to more discussion on this issue.

Here is a link to the updated AndroidManifest.xml file, obviously remember to insert your own Ad Unit ID in the correct place.

Motorbike Trip and the future…

Just a heads-up to let everyone know I’m on a motorbike trip around Spain for the next couple of weeks. This means support will unfortunately be rather sketchy (sketchier than usual!?) for the next 2 weeks. So if you are on a dead-line and thinking of purchasing a plugin, please take this into account.

Going forward I’m thinking of bundling all the iOS/Android plugins I have (plus some I haven’t, hence the delay) into one big ‘Mobile Bundle’ and selling it at a very low price. To do this I will need to sort something out support-wise since I think it will be too much for me to handle. I’m thinking along the lines of a dedicated area for all who purchase the plugin bundle. This area will have full access to the source code, latest builds, support area for discussion so people can help each other out etc etc.

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Of course I will organise some sort of rebate/voucher so existing customers can easily upgrade and get these advantages.