One Game A Month

I have signed up for the One Game A Month challenge.

The main reason I have done this is to put a bit of pressure on myself and hopefully kick my game creation efforts into overdrive. I guess we will see if it works…

All the games will primarily be for the Android platform unless stated otherwise. I will always incorporate ads and the ability to purchase ad removal from within the game as a way to hopefully fund this endeavor. My game designs (ramblings of a madman!) will be done in Google docs so I will link to these as they become available. Any useful tips/tricks I discover along the way will hopefully get documented as well. Please feel free to ask questions, suggest improvements, request features etc.

My first game is a ‘build a tower out of falling blocks’ game. Thought I’d start simple, hopefully it’s simple anyway. Here is a link to the design doc.

Here is a link to the first alpha.

Here is a link to the second alpha.


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