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  1. Hey Platoevolved,

    Looks like this all-in-one looks worth the buy.. just want to confirm , do you have a leaderboard, scores API integrated in your social plugin ?

    • Sorry for the delay. The social plugin implements the facebook graph api which supports leaderboards, scores etc, worth checking out since this goes into some detail about the plugin and has links to more info.

  2. hey,
    when I combine AdMob plugin for android and Google Play Game Service and I try to call StartAds() I get this error: Assets/Scripts/Menu/MainMenu.js(5,9): BCE0005: Unknown identifier: ‘StartAds’. how do I fix this problem?

    • The StartAds method resides in AdMobUnityPlugin. To call from javascript, simply call AdMobUnityPlugin.StartAds().

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