On this page I will link to other indie games that I’ve played, enjoyed… and maybe use one of my plugins 😉 .

If you have a game that you are proud of and want me to link to it, let me know!

Daily Kitten – A cute game about looking after a kitten!

That Letter Game – A very interesting mix of tetris and scrabble, a great one for the kids!

Streets of Kabul – Wonderfully, politically… incorrect. Not one for the kids perhaps but a lot of fun.

Ogreish – A 2.5D platformer created using open source and free software (Blender/Gimp/Unity FTW!)

Nun Chuck – Excellent title for an excellent game. Behold games are a great bunch of guys that deserve your support. Also checkout Pump Frenzy and Memory X.

Vulture Hunt – A cool virtual reality hunting game (reminded me of my oculus rift). Very cool idea, definitely deserves a look.

Super Grid Run – A very cool game by a very cool guy! Think super hexagon but for mere mortals. Nice!

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