Isle Survive for iPhone and iPad now available

At last, managed to get the game to run nicely on the iPhone and iPad. You can download it from iTunes here.

The optimisations will make it run smoother on Android as well, so everyone wins.

I’ve had to remove the free version of Isle Survive from Android since it was getting too much work to keep multiple versions updated. Also I want to add chests soon and they didn’t make much sense in the free version since the world doesn’t get saved so you would lose all your gear. That would have gone down well. The idea with the free version was that I was going to add an ad banner but in reality it got in the way and made the game unplayable.

So sorry, no more free version but the paid version will now get all the attention.

4 thoughts on “Isle Survive for iPhone and iPad now available

  1. Great gamme but bring free back pleasse but dont havecto update, and i would love to do a youtuube series of your game, but i has no credit card and i only 13, so i can’t even afford the dollar for the app

    • Glad you like the game, I’ve been thinking of releasing a free (ad supported) version for the iPhone/IPad (there is currently a free version for Android). Thanks for letting me know that you would be interested in this, spurs me on to get it done! A youtube series would be handy, much confusion on role of walls (why can you walk through them? because they are in the background and just decoration really!, hammers etc!)

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