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  1. This seems pretty awesome, I saw it in the Android market now it’s in the App Store! One problem… A survival update for Minecraft PE comes out this month… So this may not get a lot of downloads that quick but it will get a lot soon from some tryers. I’m not buying this but it looks pretty cool! Keep up the good work! -Blake

    • Thanks Blake, your feedback is much appreciated. Looking forward to the survival update for Minecraft PE myself! I’m hoping the free version of ‘Isle Survive’ will hit the App store soon, just waiting on Apple’s review process. Hope you find time to try it out.

  2. Any update whether the free version of this app is coming out or whether theres going to be an update soon?

    Good game :)

    • I’m hoping to have an update out pretty soon, possibly end of next week. Thanks for the feedback, sorry for the delay!

    • I would love to change the rating Casey, the more people that can play my game, the happier I am. However, Apple, in their infinite wisdom, deem cartoon, blocky enemies, dying with a bit of red paint getting splashed around, as only suitable for ages 17 and over. I tried every rating below this but had it refused every time. Luckily, Google doesn’t care, so anyone can get it on Android! If I can get it working, I will put a playable version on my website that you can play in a browser, might take a few weeks though, sorry.

    • Sorry Casey, Isle Survive has been a bit neglected recently, especially on the iPhone/iPad. I intend to rectify this over the coming weeks, iOS should get the new stuff added to Android (rename/delete worlds etc) and a new enemy boss. Thanks for your interest in the game, much appreciated.

  3. BTW can u make ores more rare or make it so it has to be bars cuz the first time I played I got full gold stuff in a hour

      • Sorry Casey, been working on a new game, plugins, work (I’m a part-time game coder), band (hip hop and rap) and unfortunately time is a scarce commodity. Thanks for giving me a prod though, I definitely want to update Isle Survive soon, more enemy types are desperately needed in the game (at the very least).

  4. Good game, i bought it then it updated. One catch: it wont open! It just immediately crashes! Any help? (it is a good game.)

    • Sorry the game has stopped working for you. Could you give me some more details, ie, which phone are you running on, does it make it to the menu screen or crash even before then, are you running the free version or the purchased version… Any details would be very helpful, thanks.

  5. Sorry about the wait, but heres some details: i am on an apple 4s ipod, the ios is NOT updated, if that would matter…

    • Thanks for that, gives me something to work with. One thing worth trying is to completely remove the game from your ipod and reinstall. You will lose any progress/saved worlds but you may at least be able to get back in the game. If you do this, please let me know if it works (gives me another clue). Thanks.

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