A Virtual Reality Fair – A Work in Progress using the Vive and Unity

Having lots of fun with VR development. Getting multiplayer to work and support multiple motion controllers was fun but now working great (more videos to come on that side of things).

Using Unity 5.4 beta 19 which has built-in support for OpenVR and the Vive, seems to work well and crashes a lot less than beta 18! 😉

Currently the game has darts, hoops and a rifle. I plan to add more game types, much improved environment/layout, multiplayer lobby, score boards etc etc.

Any suggestions, requests will be considered. Oculus and Leap Motion support imminent.

If you would like a copy of the game to evaluate / help test, please get in contact.

The React Tutorials on CodePen

Seems like every other day a new web framework comes out. One of the most recent frameworks, React, is pretty awesome. Originally created and used by facebook engineers, now completely open source, its component based architecture and virtual DOM (game devs will like this idea, there’s a render method 😉 ) really make creating web pages fun again. Also great for those that want to learn javascript properly without too much of an opinionated api getting in the way (Angular I’m looking at you).
Anyway I have a new youtube video out that walks, anyone interested in taking a look at React, through getting the tutorials working on CodePen. This was primarily driven by me needing to find a nicer way to complete the Free Code Camp projects!

Plugins for free!

Who doesn’t like free stuff?! I’ve come to realise that I’m better off giving my plugins away for free. Anyone who creates something wants as many people to use/see the creation as possible. Visit my ‘Free Unity Plugins‘ page for more details. Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be adding to this list, I’m also open to suggestions for new plugin ideas…

If you want to see more free plugins, please consider supporting me on my Patreon page!

Also here is a profile video I just knocked up 😉

Dex’s Midnight Runners or Come On Google…

Just noticed the other day that if you try and merge the two latest version of the Admob and Google Play Services plugins you will get an error ‘Build failure, Unable to convert classes into dex format.’ This error is due to Google putting the Admob libraries into the Google Play Services library effectively doubling up the classes and causing mayhem (do do dop a lotta Mayhem, thanks Emelda May).

Luckily the fix is nice and easy, just remove the Ads folder from the google play jar (thanks to Prime31 for this idea).

Here is the amended jar, just overwrite the existing one in the Plugins/Android folder. Use this one and not the Prime31 version since it looks like we are using different api versions.

I will of course merge this change into the next version of the Google Play Plugin so this should be a non-issue moving forward. The new Admob Plugin version using the libraries inside the Google Play library is on hold until Google fix them (they seem buggy).