Massive Update to 2048 Template

Purchase now for huge savings. Once this goes up on Chupamobile it will go up in price drastically.

Like some Ads with your 2048 game? No? Perhaps you want to purchase some Ad removal? How about some leaderboards and achievements? You want all that on both Android and iOS? Phew, you don’t ask for much do you?!

Luckily I have you covered with the latest version of the 2048 Unity Game Template. Now included in the template:

  • AdMob Ad Banners and Interstitials on both iOS and Android
  • Google Play Game Services on both iOS and Android (leaderboards etc)
  • In-App Billing on both iOS and Android
  • Immersive Mode for Android

Use the above features in your own games, they are easy to set up, here are the instructions.




AdMob Plugin Update Now Supports iOS and Immersive Mode

Since Google decided to stop support for the older AdMob api from the 1st August 2014, I decided to update my plugin to the very latest api and add some enhancements. The plugin now supports both Android and iOS. It also supports Immersive Mode in Android!

The plugin is now based on the official AdMob for Unity plugin released by Google but makes the process of incorporating the plugin into your game much easier.

Note that existing users of my AdMob plugin will need to upgrade to the latest version before they release any updates to their game.

Simply email me with proof of purchase and I will send you a link to the latest version.

The new AdMob plugin can be found here.

An NPC Dialogue Plugin for Unity 4.3 – Yarn

Adding dialogue trees to your game has always been a non-trivial task until now.

Welcome to Yarn. Yarn simplifies adding NPC conversation to your game by integrating with Twine, an open-source solution for creating dialogue trees (or interactive non-linear stories as they put it).

Yarn doesn’t stop there. Yarn includes a very usable/customisable GUI that uses standard Unity 4.3 sprites and text meshes to display the conversation.

Yarn also handles Loading and Saving of the conversation history.

So give yourself a head start and get your game characters talking with Yarn!

Motorbike Trip and the future…

Just a heads-up to let everyone know I’m on a motorbike trip around Spain for the next couple of weeks. This means support will unfortunately be rather sketchy (sketchier than usual!?) for the next 2 weeks. So if you are on a dead-line and thinking of purchasing a plugin, please take this into account.

Going forward I’m thinking of bundling all the iOS/Android plugins I have (plus some I haven’t, hence the delay) into one big ‘Mobile Bundle’ and selling it at a very low price. To do this I will need to sort something out support-wise since I think it will be too much for me to handle. I’m thinking along the lines of a dedicated area for all who purchase the plugin bundle. This area will have full access to the source code, latest builds, support area for discussion so people can help each other out etc etc.

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome. Of course I will organise some sort of rebate/voucher so existing customers can easily upgrade and get these advantages.

One Game A Month!?#

So I’ve decided to take the One Game A Month challenge. I’ve dedicated a whole menu item to it (yes, that serious 😉 ) and hopefully that will slowly fill out with 12 games…

Still going to work on larger games as well, in fact I may use the 12 smaller games to test out ideas that will go into the larger games.

The sort of things I need to test out and learn are:

  • A* Path finding
  • Turn-based style game structure
  • More complex AI
  • Emergent behaviours from simple rulesets
  • Procedural Content Generation

There’s probably more but that will do for the moment. So hopefully my smaller games will incorporate some of the above so I can learn and create at the same time.

As you can probably tell from the above list, my interests like firmly in roguelikes at the moment. Some examples of roguelikes are:

To find out more, a good podcast is Roguelike Radio. Worth checking out if you are a budding game developer.

Of course after saying all that, my first game is a simple tower building game, I wanted to start simple and just get used to a newer, more open way of working…