Isle Survive for Windows released, Playable Demo on Website

That’s right, ‘Isle Survive for Windows‘ is now available for purchase!

Also a demo version can be played directly on my website here.

Chop trees down, mine, build and craft, all directly on my website, how cool!

The full version available on Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and PC (soon Mac) saves your changes to the world automatically.

Isle Survive v1.4 Released on Android (soon on iOS)

A new version of Isle Survive is now available on the Android Marketplace.

What’s new:

  • Bug fixes (including the load map one where only a few blocks would load)
  • Chests!

I really wanted to add a new enemy in this build but I wanted to get the bug fixes out as quick as possible. So a new enemy is half done, and when finished should drop a nice item(s) that you can now keep in the new chests! So definitely next version gets a new enemy and more loot!

Isle Survive for iPhone and iPad now available

At last, managed to get the game to run nicely on the iPhone and iPad. You can download it from iTunes here.

The optimisations will make it run smoother on Android as well, so everyone wins.

I’ve had to remove the free version of Isle Survive from Android since it was getting too much work to keep multiple versions updated. Also I want to add chests soon and they didn’t make much sense in the free version since the world doesn’t get saved so you would lose all your gear. That would have gone down well. The idea with the free version was that I was going to add an ad banner but in reality it got in the way and made the game unplayable.

So sorry, no more free version but the paid version will now get all the attention.