2D Procedural Terrain Generator for FREE!!!

Want to create procedurally generated 2D cave systems for your next RPG. Perhaps you want to create some random rooms with connecting corridors for that Roguelike you are working on.

Completely FREE and available here, the 2D Procedural Terrain Generator for Unity will give you a head start!

Watch the youtube video below:




Massive Update to 2048 Template

Purchase now for huge savings. Once this goes up on Chupamobile it will go up in price drastically.

Like some Ads with your 2048 game? No? Perhaps you want to purchase some Ad removal? How about some leaderboards and achievements? You want all that on both Android and iOS? Phew, you don’t ask for much do you?!

Luckily I have you covered with the latest version of the 2048 Unity Game Template. Now included in the template:

  • AdMob Ad Banners and Interstitials on both iOS and Android
  • Google Play Game Services on both iOS and Android (leaderboards etc)
  • In-App Billing on both iOS and Android
  • Immersive Mode for Android

Use the above features in your own games, they are easy to set up, here are the instructions.




AdMob Plugin Update Now Supports iOS and Immersive Mode

Since Google decided to stop support for the older AdMob api from the 1st August 2014, I decided to update my plugin to the very latest api and add some enhancements. The plugin now supports both Android and iOS. It also supports Immersive Mode in Android!

The plugin is now based on the official AdMob for Unity plugin released by Google but makes the process of incorporating the plugin into your game much easier.

Note that existing users of my AdMob plugin will need to upgrade to the latest version before they release any updates to their game.

Simply email me with proof of purchase and I will send you a link to the latest version.

The new AdMob plugin can be found here.