Hi, my real name is Morgan Page, I am an Indie Game/GameTools Developer focusing mainly on Unity and Unity Plugins.

Thanks for checking out the website, I hope you find something useful on the site, please subscribe to the site so I can keep you up to date on new content.

You can contact me at: support@platoevolved.com


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    • You are a star! Thank you very much, good luck with the games, I will put a link to your website from my links page. I use Blender and Gimp too, very powerful combination.

  1. Hello I need buy the two plugin “In App Purchase” for Andriod and IOS, but I am very new to this and do not know much about programming language.

    first thing I want is to put different scenes in unity and that when you click the Load button scene, pay $ 1 per user instance.

    you buy the two but nececito you to help me do that.

    something else, I need to update the application not know if that would affect, and as it could. that will be loading new scenes to the application, or will there be another way?

    whether I achieve what I need, I will donate $ 20 plus the cost of pluguin.

    translated by Google.

    • Thanks for your interest in the plugins. The In App Purchase plugins are pretty easy to use but certainly demand a knowledge of programming to integrate the plugins into your game. Certainly loading different scenes on whether a purchase has been made is a programming task. Unfortunately I can’t write such code for you, my resources/time are limited, so I can’t recommend the plugins for you on that basis. My plugins are cheap and ideal for an average indie developer with programming experience and no time to write all the low level code needed to integrate these types of SDK’s.

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