7DRL , a couple of ‘reviews’…

Just found some time to play a couple of the roguelikes from the 7DRL challenge. These are not reviews as such, just initial impressions from a single play through. Congratulations to everybody who took part in the challenge whether you finished or not, I found it a complete blast and definitely doing the next one.




Loved my play through of this little game. The skill unlock system was cool, nice inventory system, simple controls, played directly in the browser with an online leaderboard… brilliant (I’m MOG at the bottom ;-( )!



I found the first few levels pretty easy got cocky and died suddenly. That just makes you want to have another go! Well done slashie.

Rogue Break


What a nice looking game! Cool little windows for the minimap and message log and easy to use inventory system. Haven’t got very far in it yet but definitely going to go back to it. Sound would be a nice addition, I think I expect sound when I see something looking this good! Good job rbandrews.

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