In-App Purchasing Unity Plugin for iOS released

Just released my In-App Purchasing Unity Plugin for iOS.

Add an In-App store to your game. Sell items like potions, swords, new levels, new monsters… anything, it’s your game, you decide!

This works very similar to my popular Android equivalent so until I do a dedicated iOS tutorial it is worth checking out this youtube video.

Hope you find the plugin useful, get it here!


Version 1.01 of my Social (Facebook) Unity Plugin for Android Released.

A new version of my Social Plugin for Android is now available. This fixes the screenshot bug (blank screen getting posted from an Android device), makes the logout revoke user permissions and adds a GenericRequest method that takes a ‘method’ parameter (that does make sense!).

A quick explanation:


Much confusion on this one, apparently ReadPixels had a functionality change at some point and now requires a ‘yield return null’ after it is called to give it time to do its thing. If you do this, it works perfectly, otherwise you get a blank screenshot. Note that Application.CaptureScreenshot didn’t seem to work at all on my Android devices so ReadPixels is definitely the way to go.


Again somewhat confusingly, logout using the current facebook sdk and SSO(Single Sign On) doesn’t really logout as such. See this link for a decent explanation and a sensibly confused user! You can set the ‘forcedialogauth’ flag to true in my plugin if you really want to force a user to log back in (as mentioned in the link). By revoking permissions on logout, it at least gets the user to reconfirm permissions when logging back in, if you don’t care about this, just comment out the RevokePermissions() line in the logout method.

If you have already purchased the plugin and wish to receive the new version send me an email with your original order details and I will send you the new version.