Version 1.01 of my Unity AdMob Ad Plugin for Android Released

A new version of my AdMob Ad Plugin for Android is now available (v1.01).

New in this version:

Google Admob SDK 6.1.0 now supported
Multiple ad banner types supported (including smart banners)
Hide on start added

If you have already purchased the plugin and wish to receive the new version send me an email with your original order details and I will send you the new version.

Social (Facebook) Unity Plugin for Android Released!

Add Facebook integration to your Android game with my new Social plugin.

This plugin enables you to post screen-shots, high scores, achievements etc to a player’s Facebook wall directly from within your game.

Get full access to the Facebook Graph API and open your game up to a potentially massive audience of gamers and their Facebook friends.

Find a youtube demo of the plugin here.

More news:

I’m now free to carry on improving my ad banner plugin, supporting different size banners, smart banners etc. Sorry for the delay with this, the Facebook plugin was trickier than I thought it would be 😉
However I think it was worth the effort, I’m very pleased with the end result. I’m just about to add a load of Facebook goodness to ‘Isle Survive’ (via my plugin of course!) and it will be interesting to see the impact on number of downloads. If I come up with a concrete % increase I will post it here.