Isle Survive for Windows released, Playable Demo on Website

That’s right, ‘Isle Survive for Windows‘ is now available for purchase!

Also a demo version can be played directly on my website here.

Chop trees down, mine, build and craft, all directly on my website, how cool!

The full version available on Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and PC (soon Mac) saves your changes to the world automatically.

FREE Unity AdMob Plugin for iOS devices

Does it never end?! More FREE stuff. Here is my new Unity AdMob Plugin for iPhones, iPads etc.

Trivial to set up, you will have an ad banner showing in your game that you can move around, hide, show… Well that’s about it, what more could you possibly want to do with it?!

This will be free for a couple of days (like all of my new plugins so subscribe!), then it will be available to purchase from my store here at a ridiculously low price. If you get it for free and find it useful, please consider making a donation, buying another plugin, buying my game ‘Isle Survive’ or clicking on an ad. It all helps me continue to code and is much appreciated.

In-App Purchasing Unity Plugin for Android… for FREE?!!!

That’s right, I have released my new In-App Purchasing Unity Plugin for Android, absolutely free (for a very limited amount of time!).

Hope you get it while it’s free, however, the starting price of £10 in my store is a complete steal anyway (your game will make that back in a few seconds with all those in-app goodies for sale, won’t it?!)… Sorry I don’t guarantee this!

Here is the link.

Please, if you find the plugin useful and get it for free, consider making a donation, purchasing another one of my plugins or even trying out Isle Survive and clicking on an Ad! It all helps…