Torchlight 2 Beta vs Diablo 3

I was lucky enough to get into the Torchlight 2 beta this weekend and having a lot of fun with it. I did think I was going to be sharing my time between Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 but since the Diablo 3 servers are down that just hasn’t been the case. So I pay £40 for a game that is essentially broken and end up playing the beta of a £12 game that in many ways is better… and of course is better in that rather essential way, I get to play it!

I hope Runic do well with Torchlight 2, they deserve to. Blizzard will do well with Diablo 3, I’m not sure they deserve to…

Here’s a some screen shots of Torchlight 2 in action:

Unity Ad Plugins no longer free (boo!)

Sorry, the days of free ad plugins for unity are now over. However they can now be downloaded at a ridiculously low price (that may go up so buy now!) compared to what else is out there. I intend to release every plugin I do initially for free so follow me on twitter or subscribe to be the first to know about these new releases. I would like to thank the person who made a donation while the plugins were free. You are awesome!

I’m currently working on turn-based gamecenter support for unity (iOS), coming on well but still a few days away. If you have an urgent need for a plugin and/or suggestions for what my next one should be, leave a comment.